Thursday, June 25, 2015


How does our spree works?

1st to 2nd day:Consolidation of Orders
3rd to 5th day:Awaiting supplier's reply + Payment made
5th to 7th day:Supplier placed orders. Restocking starts
Restocking days:See seller's speed indicated in each spree
8 to 10 daysParcel shipped out from Taiwan to Singapore
2 to 3 daysSort out items. Dispatch items once top-up (if any) received.

Please note that number of days do not include Weekends and Public holidays.
Order only if you are comfortable to join. Taiwan sprees are slow because the items are manufactured upon receiving orders

Updates will be available in each individual spree page.

Estimated Shipping Fees
Units will be revised upon the arrival of items.

0.5 units:Accessories
1.0 units:Light Apparel
1.5 units:Tunics/Shorts/Skirts/Clutches/Rompers/Dresses
2.0 units:Hoodie/Jackets/Sweaters/Pants
2.5 units:Thick Jackets/ Jeans/Blazer/Knitted Sweater
3.0 units:Bags
4.0 units:Wedges/Heels/Bags/Thick Coats

FIXED Local Postage Fees
Additional $2.25 for registered mail

0.5 units:$1.00
1.0 units:$1.50
2.0 units:$1.50
2.5 units:$2.55
3.0 units:$2.55
3.5 units:$2.55
4.0 units:$3.35
4.5 units:$3.85
5.0 units:$3.85
5.5 units:$3.85
6.0 units:$5.40
7.0 units:$5.40
8.0 units:$5.40